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If you are not a trial attorney, or do not represent clients in our practice areas, we can assist you and your client.  We have the technology, the personnel, and the expert witness relationships to represent your client from the beginning of a case through trial.  We will take the lead, involve you in the representation, and share the legal fee as permitted by the applicable ethics rules. We provide thorough representation for clients throughout Ohio, Florida, and the nation, and are trial-tested in a wide range of substantive law topics.

If you are a trial attorney, and need local counsel, please call us.  We know and respect our local judges, and they know and respect us.  Consequently, we assist out-of-town firms regularly as local counsel, and have long-standing local counsel relationships with law firms, large and small, throughout the United States.  Out-of-town firms, especially large law firms, appreciate our “AV 5.0/5.0” rating, the thoroughness of our work, and our local knowledge.  We give you a local presence with the expertise, the staff, and the facilities to assist you and your firm with any size case.  In addition, if you retain us as local counsel, you will have your own Dayton office from which to operate throughout your case.