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We are trial attorneys, which means that our expertise is in the courtroom.  We have tried dozens of cases to verdict in all areas of the law, including personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal defense, domestic relations, trademark infringement, unfair competition, legal malpractice, toxic tort cases, and others.  When you need to file a lawsuit, or respond to one, experience matters.

Far too many lawyers hold themselves out as “litigators” or “trial attorneys” when they have rarely, if ever, tried a case to a jury verdict.  How these lawyers counsel their clients effectively is puzzling to us.  How can a lawyer balance the advantages and disadvantages of a settlement versus a trial, if he or she has never or rarely been to trial?  Even if you would prefer settlement to a courtroom battle, your opponent’s knowledge that you have hired a true trial attorney can facilitate or enhance your settlement.  For example, insurance adjusters and the insurance industry are notorious for factoring the likelihood that opposing counsel will devote the time, effort, and expense necessary to try his or her client’s case into their settlement decisions.  As we have learned in and out of the courtroom, the best way to settle a case on favorable terms is to prepare it for trial.

At some point, every dispute or lawsuit reaches a crossroads, to settle or go to trial.  Almost every trial involves additional cost meaning that to be equally beneficial a jury verdict must exceed the amount being offered in settlement.  We will help you balance those options, and give you our best advice based on nearly three decades of trial experience, to help you make an informed choice.

Other areas of our practice:

  • Toxic torts
  • Product liability
  • Criminal defense
  • White collar criminal defense
  • Legal malpractice
  • Civil rights claims
  • Section 1983 cases
  • Federal Tort Claims Act cases
  • Government negligence
  • Construction cases
  • Consumer cases
  • Consumer Sales Practice Act claims
  • Home Solicitation Sales Act claims
  • Bank and trust administration negligence
  • Investment broker negligence
  • Probate administration